You Could Get Up to $200 If You Bought Gas in Oregon at an ARCO or ARCO ampm Station
and Paid a Debit Card Fee

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An Oregon jury found that BP West Coast Products LLC (“BPWCP”) charged more for gas than the amount registered at the pump and failed to properly disclose its prices when it charged a debit card transaction fee to consumers who used debit cards to pay for gas at Oregon ARCO stations. BPWCP has denied the claims in this case and plans to appeal the jury verdict.

If you purchased gas at Oregon ARCO or ARCO ampm locations between January 1, 2011 and August 30, 2013 and paid a debit card transaction fee, you could get up to $200, minus applicable attorneys’ fees and expenses. If you file a valid claim, you will give up your right to individually sue BPWCP for the claims in this case. If you received a mailed notice and letter stating that records reflect that you purchased gas using your debit card, you do not need to submit a claim form to get a payment. If you did not receive a letter and believe you are an eligible Class Member, you may submit a claim online or by mail by December 31, 2014.

You may also:

  • Choose not to file a claim or opt-out of receiving a payment and retain your right to individually sue BPWCP;
  • Comment on or object to the handling of your claim, the claims and notice process used in this case, or the request for attorneys’ fees and expenses by the attorneys representing you as a Class Member. The attorneys may request up to $40 (or up to 20%) in attorneys’ fees from each claim and reimbursement of no more than $345,714.15 in total costs from all claims. They also intend to ask the Court to require BPWCP to pay all or some of the fees and costs. The earliest deadline for comments and objections is January 29, 2015. Other deadlines may apply.
  • The Court will hear objections and comments at a hearing scheduled for February 11, 2015.

For more information, visit the Documents and FAQ’s pages of this website, or contact the Claims Administrator at 1-866-329-5931.